From Russia, with love, now located in Atlanta, GA. 

Photography has been a deep love

of mine since I can remember. I initially

learned the craft through film photography when

I was thirteen and haven't looked back since. Throughout

high school, I kept myself busy in the darkroom and adored

alternative processes such as cyanotypes, van dykes and carbon

transfers. Experimenting through those years changed everything

and I knew I had no choice but to continue pursuing what I love most.


In 2018, I graduated from The Creative Circus

with a concentration in conceptual, still life photography.

There, I learned just how exciting photo styling can be and

have deemed that process my second love. It's an honor to be

able to do what I love for a living and I'm grateful beyond measure.


Please contact me to discuss your needs whether it be

photography, content creation, photo styling or a bomb assistant.


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